“Astrobiology” Scientist Claims Human Life Came From Another Planet.

Birch Forest Toadstool

From outer space?

“Astrobiology” Scientist Claims Human Life Came From Another Planet.

This gentleman’s theory is not so different from what some sci-fi writers have always maintained, e.g., Ron Hubbard – indeed, Scientologists to this day believe they are “Thetans” or whatever, the Ancient Egyptians believed that when a soul dies (albeit the soul of a king!) it went back to the stars it came from (Sirius and the Dog Star are the New Age theories).   I myself am attracted to this idea as we live in a world of dual nature. Earth itself could be the inner space of an outer space. Our “soul” if you like is non-material but our bodily form is organic.

There is a view that psychoactive fungus came from spores from outer space, perhaps via comets or meteors hitting the earth. Once ingested, it imparted “the Holy Spirit” to developing homosapiens, and that most religions are actually founded on ingestion of hallucinogenic substances, e.g., the Ancient Roman rite of Elusysian (the Mystery Rites) may have involved psychotropic mead giving rise to religious ecstasy. Certainly we know that Native Americans used peyote – a succulent cacti native to the Americas – as part of their religious rites, as did the Incas and Aztecs.

Why would naturally growing plants and fungus impart this experience – could it be they are products of an alien life form only accessible by imbibing?


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