TEN FACTS the makers of the Netflix film ‘AMANDA KNOX’ don’t want you to know!

 rodandbriRod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, Directors of ‘Amanda Knox’ netflix film

What they do not tell you in the ‘documentary’ film

Ten damning facts, which give an insight into why Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were originally properly convicted.  They were then acquitted because of ‘other’ extraneous factors.  The fact that the filmakers, Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, conceal the facts found at trial, indicates an elaborate attempt to fool the viewing public.

The pair had ample opportunity to research the original court documents – of which the key ones are translated – so one can surmise the aim was not objectivity.  However, they fail to declare their vested interest, as long-time avid pro-Knox/Sollecito supporters.


For those without access to youtube flashplayer, here’s a plain version:


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2 Responses to “TEN FACTS the makers of the Netflix film ‘AMANDA KNOX’ don’t want you to know!”

  1. manfromatlan Says:

    Great report, Krissy G!


  2. Francisco Says:

    Just an FYI, #3 and #7 are the same (so I guess 9 facts?) and in #8, FACTS this presentation doesn’t want you to know is that TMB and DNA analysis proved the majority of these Luminol traces were not made from Meredith’s blood.


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